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Now, IFASK web page opened.

We make it easy !!!
This is our slogan for our customers. We can do it and we will do it.
We believe that out products will be made our customers very happy.

IFASK was started in January 2011 by Kyoung-Mo Kim. He has many experience at the digital design, FPGA and EDA market.  Until now, he is teaching at IT-SOC Academy(www.asic.net) for HDL design, FPGA & Synplify Pro application, etc.
In former company, he supported Novas tools, Verdi & Siloti, and Certitude tool, which is the functional qualification tool by Springsoft, at the distributor of Springsoft. Samsung System LSI division was a main customer(Dr. Min) for Certitude, and Samsung purchased the tool, last year.

We can understand the digital design flow, HDLs, FPGAs, and EDA tools. We will make a historical story for our customers including our partners. We can do it.
We will always do our best and try to put in and delivery the highest value.

Thank you.


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